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About Us

Welcome to Fiora Designs LLP!

A company started in 1996, Fiora has now come to be one of the most sought after floral boutiques in Hyderabad. Now, with a wide range of floral arrangements, Fiora also creates green solutions in the form of vertical green walls, landscaping , natural pots and planters and does Event decor too. Fiora stands out with a unique sense of style and aesthetics. We endeavor to create a wholesome experience for our clients. We have done many noteworthy projects and gained acclaim nationally.

How it began - The floral story at a glance

It all began with Sonali Srikanth, a lover of all things beautiful. She began her journey with a simple thought of making interiors look brighter and beautiful with ornamental flowers and plants. As a flower enthusiast, she chose artificial flowers and plants as they were durable and needed less maintenance. She started off from a small garage and named it Riddhi’s Enterprises after her first born! It was re-named to Riddhi’s Aesthetics and continued to be a well established business. After many years of hard work fueled by passion, she set up her first boutique in Secunderabad.


She gives full credit to her family, especially her husband C J Srikanth, for the unparalleled support in coming till here. And together they advanced their business with a sister-company called SS Systems and Solutions, which currently deals with Vertical Gardening and Vertical Green Walls ( It is one of the upcoming companies taking Hyderabad by storm, with their broad range of vertical green wall designs with various medicinal and air purifying plants. As a team, the duo endeavor to spread the beauty of nature.

Fiora Today

After so many years in the business, we feel the need to reach out to more people and make our presence felt on a larger scale. Hence the complete brand makeover and renaming ourselves to Fiora (comes from the Latin word Fiore, meaning flower).

What We Do

Fresh Flowers:

Gifting is something everyone loves, and so is it with receiving gifts. Fiora offers you a range of fresh flower bouquets to gift, and the opportunity to gift yourself some too! With beautiful flower arrangements and the soothing fragrance of flowers, we wish to light up your smile, and surroundings. Breathe in the freshness and feast your eyes! All you need to do is visit our website and pick your choice of flowers.

Vertical green walls:

Weddings, corporate events, fashion shows and more. Every event should be a beautiful memory. At Fiora, we help you fill these memories with flowers and more. With innovative, theme - based flower arrangements and your choice of flowers and designs.

Artificial flowers & plants:

Plants bring life to a plain and empty area. But sometimes the maintenance may be a little difficult. We have a solution! Artificial Flowers and Plants. They are just as good as Natural ones, but without the necessity of regular watering, weeding and maintenance.


Green is the colour of nature. With industrialization, pollution and many environmental factors , nature has taken a toll and brought in unfavourable changes in the atmosphere. This has lead to the climates unpredictable behaviour. Vertical green walls have come in like a boon to bring back the lost beauty of  nature, with a range of air purifying and medicinal plants. You can have your green walls installed externally as well as inside your residences and offices. Do your bit! Go Green! Walk in, or contact us for more information.


Taking a walk in the garden or a park, is one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating activities. The best place for this activity is definitely a pleasant and colourful garden. That is where landscaping comes into the picture. Landscaping has been practiced by humans for centuries. It involves constructing the land to some extent, for practical and aesthetic purposes. It also aids in improving and enhancing the layout and construction of gardens and outdoor spaces. Fiora helps you spread the green.

Natural plants & planters:

Much of the scenic beauty of nature has been replaced by densely populated urban areas. Pollution effects our lives on a daily basis, interior plants are an ideal way to create an attractive setting, giving us a feel of nature and also purify the air we are breathing. Thus, plants and planters for office spaces, homes and open areas as well are much needed for our overall well-being.

Our Clientele

With flowers, plants and greens, less is always more and the trend now is to go green! Over the 20 years that we’ve been promoting greens in the twin cities, we have successfully reached, many clients who have supported us on the work front.

Motilal Oswal
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