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All you need to know about floral therapy

We live in an age where life has completely turned digital, and lifestyle has become automatic. The first thing we all look at the minute we wake up is our phone rather than looking at the faces we live with! Technology has definitely made life easier, but has cut us off from people and our real selves, in a physical sense.

This is a practical observation, and a well researched change that industrialization and the advent of digital life has created. It has also been a huge contributor in our losing touch with nature. Stress has shot up dramatically amongst people, and many of us cannot even sleep in peace with busy schedules and demanding work hours. However, we have something amazing to share, that can revive and boost our lives naturally!


So, here comes the million dollar question:


When there’s something that you’re gaining out of spending, isn’t it a good idea to go ahead and get it? Especially when it’s about healing and de-stressing one self, there’s nothing like it. So, let’s learn about floral therapy. Imagine how beautifully flowers can treat if the word itself is so refreshing. So, shun the screens, schedule a rendezvous with nature, and find out what it has to offer.

Flowers as we know in Indian culture, are used as offerings to god and for occasional aesthetic purposes. Especially during festivals and ceremonies. Flowers light up the ambience, and bring in more life to the surroundings. But is that all flowers do? Well, there’s much more that you could think of. In fact, there are numerous researches being carried out on the responsive behaviour of plants on conversing with them. It is said that they grow faster and healthier when you talk to plants.

Likewise, there’s a heartfelt offer that flowers and plants have for us that many of us might not know of. A better and holistic lifestyle. Flowers not only brighten the ambience, but are also mood boosters. They come with enormous energy and wake up the pollyannish personalities in us. There are a number of flowers and plants such as bamboo and succulents which oxygenate the air, and boost brain cells making them more active in functioning.

But, most of us still think about the extra money that it takes to bring these butter-like blooms home regularly. So, here we have some interesting facts that will definitely push you to make a pleasant choice. Because health is precious than budget!

Among many researches that have been going on, one of the research states that people with plants in their homes are healthier physically and mentally. Flowers are such beautiful elements of nature, that god was probably high on serotonin while he designed them. Well, if you’re wondering what serotonin is, it is a feel good hormone in the body that eliminates negative emotions. Another interesting fact is the improved secretion of melatonin, or the hormone of darkness. It is secreted by the pineal gland, and is known to improve the sleep cycle. Pleasant fragrance of flowers increases melatonin and relieves stress.

So, spend that extra penny for a better living, spend time with the nature indoors, and you’ll see the difference in everything around you. Flowers are perennially positive and have been sent by the creator to help us.

Let’s bring them home!

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