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Fillers to fill more beauty

Flower arrangements are an important part of every culture in adding and enhancing the grace of a gathering. Any occasion is incomplete without flowers, and that’s a flowery fact. Isn’t it? What exactly does flower arrangement involve, that makes anyone feel mesmeric at their sight?

Here’s something you want to know…

Flower arrangements are an organisation of design and colour that are used for creating an ambience, using flowers, fillers or foliage, and a broad range of floral accessories. It is not an art that’s confined to occasions and events, but is a beautiful way to make oneself feel more positive and energetic.

There are many styles of flower arrangements with every culture of the world having a different style. Each style has its own grace and importance, which further makes you feel spellbound over its beauty! Flowers are flowers, and they need not work too hard to enchant!

However, there’s much more to the arrangements that aid in helping these belles to stand out. What could they be? Well, we’ve mentioned it!

Yes. You just got it right. The fillers.

Fillers and foliage are considered to be the key ingredients to an enigmatic flower arrangement that makes one feel captivated and transfixed at the site. Well, too many adjectives here are more than enough to throw light on how important is the role of foliage in a flower arrangement.

Some important points to note while you’re looking for fillers… here are some:

  • Fillers and luscious greens can turn a simple bunch of flowers into an extra special bunch, and can have the receiver’s eyes stuck to it in the disbelief of something being so beautiful. That’s the speciality of foliage!

  • Talking about fillers, there are uncountable flowers that make wonderful fillers and enhance the brightness of a simple bunch of bright coloured blossoms. Chrysanthemums, and blue daisies are a great choice for hand bunches.

  • Quirky little peruvian lilies are a lovely choice to make for both, a hand bunch and an arrangement. Also known as alstroemeria, these are winter loving, associated with flirtatiousness, and lasting friendship. Now you know who to gift them to! Alstroemerias come in a range of shades like dark and light pink, orange and yellows, purple and lavender. They can spill some brightness even on a dim-lit winter day.

  • Some greens… Ficus, leather fern, asparagus, and some tall grass blades play an important role in balancing the colours that dominate in an arrangement. In fact, grasses make a great choice if you’re going minimalistic with your arrangement.

  • Foliage is important in every flower flower arrangement because it creates a harmony between every element used in the design, and that’s what makes it a stunning piece to adore! So, make sure your bunches and arrangements have enough foliage to fill the colour of peace and freshness, and enjoy the floral splendour.

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