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A Plant With A Pun

Gifting is an important part of our lives, and indeed; it’s the best way to express feelings. It makes our loved ones smile, and that fills us with happiness beyond. Plants and flowers are bewitching additions to this wonderful thought of gifting, and kudos! They’ve always done a great job, and shall continue too. Now, there’s more you can add to the act of gifting that we do. The messages. Messages add a personal touch to gifts, and a simple message with a bunch of flowers makes it more rich!

Nevertheless, with so much of advancement in the gifting industry, at Fiora, we add a twist to your gift. “A plant with a pun, to add a little more fun”.

Now gifts are all about your feelings. There’s a lot that you can say with a simple gift, and if it’s a plant, it’s even more interesting. Wondering how? Well it goes like this…

Plants symbolize expressions and flowers do great job with it. Now when it comes to plants, there are a number of plants that are great choices for gifting. They mostly symbolize good luck, love, prosperity and some of them also have pun intended names! You can use them with your personalized quotes and a few quirky captions… So, before we go ahead with the quirky captions here’s a glance at the the pun intended name of some plants…

  • Mother in-law’s tongue (snake plant) – No offences to mother in-laws, but this name is because the plant propagates with just a cutting.

  • Mother in – law’s seat (golden barrel cactus) – Mother in-law jokes are never ending, just like their fat seats… That’s where the name for this cactus comes from. For sure, whoever named this cactus was not too fond of his mother in-law!

  • Kiss me over the garden gate – These are pretty looking little spongy blooms. They grow and bend like they’re bending over a fence just to kiss.

Now, let’s go through a short list of plants that you can gift with a pun. They bring luck and love along with a dash or fun and a dollop of craziness to your loved ones

Here we go!

  • Succulents are plantastic and you are the succulent of my life!

  • Oh dear! You are my suc-cute-lent…

  • You prickle my fancy.

  • I’ll never desert you! (While you gift a succulent or a cactus)

  • Long thyme no see… And I’m rooting for you.

  • We are mint to be together!

  • Our friendship is unbeleafable!

  • It’s party thyme!

  • Wood you be my bee?

  • You’re my bam-boo.

  • Aloe you vera much!

Plants and flowers indeed make a graceful gift, and when you add the pun element, it’s like an automated smile engine. So, pick your choice of plants and gift it with a pun on the card. We assure you of it being a gift that say “Forget Me Not”!

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